Dua Lipa - We’re Good (Behind The Scenes) I RELEASED

Dua Lipa

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    Dua Lipa takes us behind the scenes for the filming of her music video for “We’re Good”. Can’t miss music moments: RELEASED, every Thursday, only on PLshows.

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    1. Elia Fadaei


    2. Elia Fadaei


    3. Sienna Menon

      Best music video ever

    4. Andrew Nation

      Is that a real accent? Omg..Too much 😅

    5. Andrew Nation

      This was the first time I've heard you speak...& I'm ... speachless are you going to get off you "high horse" soon 😁

    6. esteban miqueas


    7. Moofie


    8. Jassir Bhat

      what is bad for one, can be good for other. this is what I understand from this video. beautifully made. ❤️

    9. Hero of Islamia

      I only heard of her name before, but now, I love Dua Lipa for her kind soul, love Dua Lipa for standing up against oppression in the world, love to Bosnia🕊 , love to Kosovo🕊 , freedom for Palestine🕊 , freedom for East Turkestan🕊 , peace for the middle-east🕊 and every other oppressed people on earth🕊 ❤️

    10. Chris da froggo♡

      Who else loves Dua?

    11. Layla Plays

      Wow. I find it really neat that her voice is beautifully British when she is speaking but beautifully American when she sings.

    12. רותם ראובני


    13. Lego Labs


    14. jeffrey faul

      love xo from toronto xo

    15. German Patriot

      Thanks for you humanity!🎖🎖🎖

    16. ROSA LIPA

      If you are reading this, I wish you all become successful ❤️ God bless you all 🙏

    17. Sound Wave

      1 way to get into hollywood: make a lot of breakup songs

    18. Avitius Rufinus

      Everything about Dua Lipa is awersome!! Amazing, Beautiful , Captivating, Dynamic, Elegant, Fantastic, Glorious, Historic, Iconic , Magnificent , Nice, Outstanding, Perfection , Quality, Remarkable, Stunning, Tremendous, Unique , Vivid, Wonderful, Zenith.

    19. adai kul


    20. Jheens Ramírez

      We 💜💜💜💜 you !!

    21. Alberdan Fatim Tomas Litaiff

      Maravilhosa aaa

    22. Alberdan Fatim Tomas Litaiff

      Lindaaa dua lipaaa

    23. AHMET .K

      They did it for you

    24. AHMET .K

      İbolipa watch Please

    25. AHMET .K


    26. AHMET .K

      İbolipa watch

    27. AHMET .K


    28. AHMET .K


    29. Milena Garcia Heredia


    30. Maker's Garage

      Hola Dua, me encanta tu vos y tu belleza, sos excelente, te mando un beso desde Junin buenos Aires Argentina.

    31. #رَالَيَــشَــوَلَ 𓇽


    32. 𝐭𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐨𝐫, 𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐬𝐞𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐝𝐮𝐚

      She is so beautiful and cute I love her ❤️

    33. Diksha Borah

      Good morning baby have a nice day ahead

    34. Huimonzilla1617 Monzilla


    35. Gamer Rex

      is it me or is dua lipa really cool?

    36. Anthony Silva

      Wus the deal is it sealed smoking on shit is it pealed

    37. Nikola Basta


    38. Alessandra Flower

      I love Dua Lipa her songs are so bright

    39. Azebaku

      Salam alekum🇦🇿

    40. Silent Knight

      What a beautiful kid you r . ✨ Keep that vocal pitsj ;* Love from Me .

    41. Housuk Neko


    42. Annupam Deshwal

      Dua lipa 💖💖💖💖

    43. Emre Çalışkan

      🇹🇷Dua Lipa, your Turkish followers have developed a song called İBOLIPA. Now everyone is waiting for you to listen to this song

    44. Aleksandra Perendija

      Dua i love you soo much! I love all your songs! I like soo much the new song! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

    45. Остап Ибрагимович.

      Косово это Сербия!!!Kosovo is Serbia!!!Косово је Србија!!!Kosova është Serbia!!!

    46. Пирожок с капустой

      Что то на татарском 🚬🗿👍

    47. Dünya

      I wish I could see you once😢

    48. Doodle

      Your music is so good eeeeek!!!!

    49. E10 Cat

      I dont usually listen to many artist but this was a bop

    50. Ana hongow

      I was hoping they would talk about the lobster **sad lobster noises**

    51. Chiara Barcellona

      This song is firee

    52. Arthur Carlos

      I love you Dua Lipa

    53. tankut özkan


    54. Hamilton Ramirez


      1. Hamilton Ramirez

        She's a friend [physical]

    55. abdullah Khader

      عندما يتحدث الجمال❤

    56. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    57. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    58. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    59. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    60. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    61. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    62. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    63. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    64. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    65. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    66. 🍁. NAMJOONIE .🍂


    67. SuperStridey616

      wait SHE'S BRITISH??!!?

    68. KTB Channel

      indonesia like me. dua lipa love❤️

    69. Russell Blank

      Super Bowl 2022 Dua

    70. RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS

      Dua Lipa Stan 4 Lifeeeeeeeeee LOVE THE BTS SO MUCH! :D

    71. Olivier

      Dua is very beautiful with attached hairs!!

    72. Merari Aide Reyes Pérez

      En español plis

    73. Selyob-El Nollidia

      What is love

    74. Eva Wesolowski

      I make daily vlogs and I would really appreciate if someone would check them out

    75. solange sand

      Where are the lobsters :(

    76. Yumi '')

      ❤️. ^. ❤️

    77. Yumi '')


    78. 陳怡之

      Wait I was expecting to see some lobsters tho

    79. Nam Lê

      That’s great. I’m very very happy to you. Because , I’m very take care of your song. Have very very much vertical lyrics song to insanely and great song for the music future and great idea for the articles to version in this album. I wish I could’ve seen you soon new song for the nowadays future. Thanks you so much.

      1. Nam Lê

        I’m came from Vietnam 🇻🇳 🇻🇳.

    80. Miguel Ungson

      Why was the levitating grammy video deleted?

    81. Tanya T

      📁Documents ↳📁Music ↳📁Dua Lipa ↳📁Bad Music ↳📂 This File is F***ing Empty~

    82. Jocelyn Gonzalez

      Jesus is coming back soon are you ready for when he comes are you saved?

    83. serjee W

      thanks my dear for sending kiss, am i bold my dear?! and expecting me? Why? Am with you why you expected me? don't see you have feel alone or expecting me ,now you are in love with me my dear ,you're not alone you're with me okay my dear, am waiting your next song about me

    84. Jade Lauren

      She looks insane 💖

    85. Alfredas Stankus

      Voice "Amazing . ,

    86. Lester Carandang

      I wish im dexter, love u dua

    87. Perfect specimen of all body movements

      The tittle si misleading ... 😆





    90. galea danita

      Was I the single one that did not catch the titanic part????

    91. galea danita

      Was I the single one that did not catch the titanic part????



    93. Alf Joe


    94. Jinyuz Indamaking

      Deym love this song kinda gives me a cool vibe while imagining im into a beach

    95. Queen Deep

      dua lipa world domination

      1. Rhazen


    96. marco , van den boogaart


    97. Дэвид Pomo

      Dua looks like this Russian Hungarian model name Jennifer Spall from Austin,TX

    98. Mike4metal

      Dua Lipa Equals Awesome❤️✨

    99. Nomadx83

      Just to know, who's the blonde dancer ?

    100. S. Y.

      Best plot twist